Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oxfam Trailwalker Team 0947

100km at 50 years old, Happy Birthday Brian. Brian's team, 0947, completes the race at 40 hours and 38 minutes. The team faced big obstacles and Brian nearly quit because of illness but persevered and finished the race. Click to see the story and map that goes with the slide show.

To see more about Oxfam Trailwalker great fundraising efforts, the race and where the proceeds go watch this!

Wedding Day

Arriving in UT just a couple days before the wedding, Brian and I were excited to meet Anne and take the engaged couple out to dinner. We ate Thai food and found out a little more about Anne and she found out more things about us. It was a lovely evening. The next day Matt and Anne left for Vernal after classes. We fixed up their apartment Saturday morning as a honeymoon suite. Then headed out to Vernal. We took two cars filled with friends and had a great road trip to Dinosaur land. We arrived in Vernal not too long before the couple needed to be at the Temple.

Brother Anderson sealed them. It was wonderful to be there. We had family and friends there with us and Anne's family helped us feel so welcome and "at home." They had a lovely dinner prepared after the ceremony at a nearby chapel. Family and friends were all invited. Brian and I really liked being with the Shakespeares and felt a special kinship. It was a very wonderful day. After the dinner clean up, we went to the Shakespeare's home. Matt and Anne opened presents and then packed up the car and headed for their honeymoon suite. The rest of us headed back to Salt Lake on another fun road trip.

It was a lovely beginning to a happily ever after story.