Sunday, February 1, 2009

This is Rebecca's creation in memory of Ruby who she was really missing yesteday.

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We have many good memories of our sweet dog Ruby. Last week we wrote down some of our fond memories:

JEFFREY - Running around the couch with her. Taking her out to the potty box in her Police Dog jacket. Watching her walk into a corner and just stand there.

REBECCA - Ruby would always cuddle up with me. She wouldn't bark or bite. When she ran her tail would go in circles and she would go a little sideways. Ruby's favorite spot to nap was cuddled up next to someone or by the heater

AUDREY - Ruby was gentle, kind, loveable, and loving. I remember cuddling with her on the couch. I remember watching her run around the house after daddy played with her. I remember having to clean up after her when she had an accident in the house. I remember sleeping next to her. I remember sometimes accidentally kicking her when she was under the dinner table. I remember her licking me everywhere (arms, face, leg, feet). I remember she would sometimes be in weird stretched out positions when she slept on the couch. I also remember her running "flying" across the ramp to get to the pee box.

SARAH - I remember a time when she had to go potty. It was my turn! The trash was being taken out so the back elevator was not an option for getting her downstairs, so I had to carry her down in the front elevator. When exited the elevator and stepped down the stairs to the foyer I set Ruby down on the floor and she took of for the glass door. It was very clean, I guess a little too clean because she ran right into the window head first. She then stood there looking at the window wondering what he happened. I also remember when she was on her medication and her bladder was uncontrollable. She was walking slowly and it was time to take her out. I picked her up because she walked so slow and was weak. I took her to the back elevator and after awhile in the elevator I realized that I was smelly and wet. She had peed on me!

JOEY -I just remember the days when she tried to jump onto the couch and
instead face planted into the front of it. I also remember her nose
always rubbing on the window when she was put out on the balcony
silently begging to come in.

TANNER - Goodbye Ruby. I'm so glad that it was a good experience. Yeah, I'm going to miss her too. She was a good doggie. I remember how she was ALWAYS in the way when I'd turn around. Especially if I was carrying something to or from the kitchen :) I remember the time that she tried to climb up on my lap and I looked at her and said "No Ruby. You can't come up here. You're stinky right now and I don't want you on me." and to my great surprise she turned around and walked away :P I remember how she'd always do her running jump to get up on the couch and sometimes would end up not jumping high enough :P I remember the time she was asleep on the couch (I think this was her) and she all of the sudden just fell off :P She looked very surprised. I remember the time I feel asleep with her on the couch and she looked like an alien :P I remember the first day we got her and how you all came in and put her on my face to wake me up :P She was a good dog :) I'll miss her. But we'll see her again some day, and she'll be all better :) If we loved her as much as we did then God loves her ever so much more :) Ruby used to sleep with her tongue hanging about 3mm out of the front of her outh. I thought she had eaten a worm once so naturally I grabbed it and pulled lightly. When it didn't come out and she had pulled it back in I realized that the "worm" was her tongue.

MOM - Ruby would stand between the cupboard and me when i was fixing food. Her saggy belly hung on my bare feet and kept my toes warm. She patiently waited for some small morsel to fall off my work area. Because of her incessant waiting for any crumb and always placing herself in the kitchen during meal prep, even when she got tripped over when one of us would suddenly turn and walk to do something, we would say "Hope springs eternal in Ruby." I tried to take Ruby on a hiked with e to the Peak. The first time she quit on me 1/2 way up the mountain of Old Peak Road and I had to carry her the rest of the way. Another time I took her on a flat path and before i got 1/2 way on my hike she sat down and refused to go farther. She was happy and willing to walk when I turned back to go home. I didn't take her with my on hikes too often.

DAD - Ruby had a determined gait as she trotted to the dog toilet, with her ears tucked up high against her head. She sort of jumped from side to side as she walked. I remember her jumping up but missing the couch. She high-centered and the look oon her face was "help! I'm falling!" During her last days she wandered around the house parking with her head in a corner or between two bookcases or behind a door. I remember wrestling with her and watching her race around with excitement. She had a hacking cough. She always love a good gag. :) She once attacked a large dog out front near the old toilet. She jumped at him like a torpedo and scared him. He cowered away. Ruby never barked. She had big sad alien eyes. Her belly sagged. Her toe nails click clacked on the wood floor. When she ran her tail wound in circles. She would get under our feet. Once she got a peanut butter sandwich stuck on the roof of her mouth. She was the cutust thing when she would scratch her nose by tucking it under her paws.