Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Time Is Here

For the past eleven years Taipei English Ward (Taipei 7th) has put on a Christmas Pageant as a gift to expat as well as local friends. It began as a simple production in the park in Tienmu. But last year the park was in the midst of renovation and construction in December (as it was this year also) and so we moved the pageant to the Temple grounds between the chapel and the temple.

This year the stage was built on top of the fountains, which were turned off for the occasion, and the Temple was used as a backdrop for the town of Bethlehem. We have many people participate in the music, on stage and behind the scenes.

From the stage being put together, dress rehearsal, three shows and set break down, the pageant only lasts for one weekend. Preparation for choir begin in November. The cast is put together in the last week or two. Time passes quickly and the process is all part of our big build up to Christmas.

11 years ago when we lived in Taiwan we were a part of the pageant and we are grateful to be a part of the great tradition now that we have returned. The sound of the first few notes of our opening Silent Night fills my heart with joy and wonderful memories.

This year Brian conducted the choir, Audrey and Nadine sang in the choir, Rebecca was an angel and Jeffrey got to be the innkeeper's son for a couple of shows. An important part since he is the one who gives his father the idea of the stable.

We love pageant. It's a great way for us all to remember what the season is really about. The gift of a child, Jesus Christ, from our loving Heavenly Father, given that we might all be saved from the bonds of death and sin. Because of this sacred gift, we can enjoy the blessings of eternal salvation.


The Coleman Family said...

LOVE this idea--what a beautiful Christmas present, and it looks amazing. Wish we could have seen it!

Steve Frahm said...

Merry Christmas!